Why You Should Book An Adventure Session With Your Photographer + Videographer​

Why You should book an adventure session with your photographer + videographer

As an Elopement Photographer and Videographer, I am no stranger to adventure! In fact, a lot of my sessions are adventure sessions! That being said, they have become some of my favorites to capture!

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What is an Adventure Session?

Adventure sessions are created with more intention and reflection. As a couple, you are able to focus on your relationship, love, and sense of adventure.

i believe every couple’s story DESERVES TO BE CAPTURED + REMEMBERED

These adventure sessions typically last longer than regular engagement sessions. On average, they will be 2 – 4 hours. However, they may be longer depending on the activity. This allows you to actually experience your day together in a stress-free timeline. The activities can range anywhere from a mountainous hike to a picnic in your backyard. Ultimately, your “adventure” can be defined by you.

Adventure Session with Couple on the Oregon Coast

Why I include Adventure Sessions in All of my video packages

One of the biggest misconceptions is that photography and videography should be reserved ONLY for your elopement day.

 I believe that wedding films shouldn’t just be about your wedding day – they should be about who you are as a couple from the beginning of your relationship to current so that that gets passed down for generations. 

 If you are getting married, a separate day of filming outside of your wedding day allows me to capture more of your story, diving into the nitty-gritty deets of how you met, what made you fall in love with each other, and overall, capturing the beautifully mundane things of life together.

Adventure sessions are created to reflect you as a couple

When I work with my adventure session couples, I sit them down. I have them answer questions like, “How do you remember the first time you met?”, “When did you know she was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?” It is a great way to get to know your relationship and what makes it tick

Man at Woman looking into each other eyes during their adventure session on the Oregon Coast
Couple sitting at the top of a rustic Airbnb in Oregon
Man and Woman Drinking Coffee during their Adventure Session on the Oregon Coast

Deciding Whether Or Not Your Adventure Includes Traveling

The best part about these adventure sessions have a “Create Your Own Adventure” vibe, is that you don’t have to travel if you don’t want to! This adventure can be ANYWHERE you want it to be. Whether that is your own kitchen, hometown, or favorite park, it is entirely up to you.

Man and Woman holding hands on rock formations on the Oregon Coast


I have said this a lot during this blog, but I am going to say it again! These sessions can be WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO BE. This simple fact means that you can do whatever activity means the most for the two of you as a couple!

However, I have been doing this for a while, and I have seen a lot of cool activities so I threw together a list to help you get the ball rolling!



Rent an Airbnb

Take for hike

Cozy up near the fire

Browse through a record store

Cook a meal together

Go rock climbing

Have an arcade night

Take an ATV tour

Go up in a hot air balloon

Shred on some skis

Walk in your favorite park

Hop on a horse

Take a paddle board out for a spin

Thrift at a local shop

Stargaze on the roof of your car



Man and woman laying in a bed at an Airbnb on the Oregon Coast during their Adventure Session

Meet Your adventure session guide

Hey! I am Sarah, and I am a photographer + and videographer at Wildwood Films. Adventure Sessions are my jam!

I’m passionate about documenting the ‘in-between’ moments of life. I thrive on intimate, emotional moments. I feel it’s my purpose in life to preserve people’s stories.


I use natural posing prompts to capture you as you are! I want your adventure session to be spent experiencing… NOT worrying about anything else.

Book Your Adventure Session

I take limited bookings for my Adventure Sessions so RUN DON’T WALK! I’d absolutely love to capture your story together.

LOCAL: $1200

US TRAVEL: $2500

These sessions include: