Why You Should Print Your Photos

You may have noticed that having a printed wedding album is becoming rarer these days. Because of the convenience of having digital files, couples can choose to print or make their photos into pretty much anything. But the truth is most couples let those JPEGS sit on their computers - SUCH A SHAME! Below you'll find my top reasons why it is 100% worthwhile to invest in a printed wedding album. 

1. It forces you to unplug!

There's something different about holding a photo in your hand than viewing it on your phone or computer screen. I always have loved looking through old photos of my grandparents or of me when I was a kid and the feeling you get when you hold the photos in your hand. 

Your wedding photos deserve to be touched, loved on, and stored in a beautiful way. Print your photos through a high quality company and you WON'T REGRET IT.

3. It's your first heirloom as a married couple

What's crazy is that your photos will live on for generations to come! Your album will be passed on down through your children and your children's children. Don't let your photos get lost in the cloud somewhere!  Your photos tell a story and your story deserves to be told!


All albums begin with a 10 spread minimum and can go up to to 50 spreads maximum for thin pages and up to 25 spreads maximum for thick pages. Bonded Leather, Faux Leather, or Linen covers, 10 spread minimum to 25 spread maximum for Softcover Miller's Signature Books (1 spread = 2 sides); add spreads in increments of 1.


Heirloom Albums start at $800. Please reach out to me for a custom quote! sarah@wildwoodfilms.co

Cover Choices:

- Velvet

- Linen

- Bonded Leather

- Faux Leather

- Soft Cover

Debossing ($15)

Choose a sentimental title and add a date to the front center of your cover with up to three lines of text. 













Feel free to reach out with any questions and let's plan something cool.

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