The California Coast has become a spot that couples travel to from all over the world to get married. It is actually ranked in the top 10 locations in the United States, specifically Big Sur. Since Big Sur is one of my favorite locations, I thought it would be fun to talk about where to […]

10 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make

Let’s face it, photography is tough… especially when you are first starting out. Honestly, there is quite a few mistakes beginner photographers make, and I think they are important to talk about. So, let’s do just that! Here are 10 mistakes that beginner photographer’s make. 10 MISTAKES BEGINNER PHOTOGRAPHER’S MAKE AS THEY DIVE INTO THE […]

Why You Should Book An Adventure Session With Your Photographer + Videographer​

Why You should book an adventure session with your photographer + videographer As an Elopement Photographer and Videographer, I am no stranger to adventure! In fact, a lot of my sessions are adventure sessions! That being said, they have become some of my favorites to capture! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmskcs6OjXY What is an Adventure Session? Adventure sessions are […]

Dreamiest Places to Elope in MN

Lester Park Elopement in MN

AN ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER + VIDEOGRAPHER’S TOP PLACES TO ELOPE IN MN While Minnesota may not be seen as an ideal destination for an elopement, you might be surprised to find some of the dreamiest places to elope in MN. As an elopement photographer and videographer, I have spent hours location scouting and experiencing these places […]