Education + Mentoring

For the Aspiring Photographers + videographers

2 Hr Mentor Session - $300

A 2 hour in-person meeting or video conference. Each mentor session is tailored completely to you and your business. Whether that’s covering the ins and outs of owning a business, marketing, attracting your ideal client, budgeting and finances, or spending the whole session learning how to edit/color-grade.

1:1 Workshop - $1000

The 1:1 Workshop is an all day experience. We will start with a mentorship session, followed by a 2 Hour Styled Shoot with a couple. You’ll get inside access to how I pose couples, help with camera settings, and guidance along the way as you shoot.

After the session, we will head to a coffee shop and import your photos/footage, go through my backup process, and finish with an editing session. In the end, you’ll have awesome content for your website and social media to help attract your ideal clients!


**Mentorship sessions can be tailored to either photo or video! 


Topics We Can Talk About

  • How to Get Started in Photography
  • How to Get Started in Videography 
  • Photo + Video Workflow 
  • Budgeting + Finances + Expenses
  • Taxes, LLCS, CPA’s
  • Video + Audio Settings
  • Branding + Marketing for Local + Destination Elopements 
  • Pricing Guides + Proposals
  • Finding Your Niche
  • How to Respond to Inquiries
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Finding Your “Why”
  • Video Editing in Premiere 
  • Storytelling in Video 
  • Travel Tips for Photographers + Videographers 
  • Choosing the Right Gear
  • Improving Client Experience 
  •  Website + Branding Critique 
  • You tell me!

My Story

I started my business in Summer of 2019 right before my college graduation. It all started with a wedding filmmaking course I purchased for $800. At the time that was SO much money to me and was probably the only money I had in my bank account, but I trusted that that $800 would give me so much more than that – and it DID!  After only 3 Years of business and investing a ton more into my education, I am now generating a 6-figures in my business, making my own schedule, and I have so much joy and fulfillment in what I get to do each and every day.

I still believe education and mentorship are the tried and true ways to fast success for any entrepreneur. If you are willing to invest in yourself and trust the process, I can PROMISE you that you will see growth and success. Investing $$ into a mentorship versus trying to find free education online will only get you so far. It’s so much faster being able to ask someone all your questions verses trying to learn it all on your own via Google searches and Youtube. 

Let me speed up the learning process for you and walk alongside you and your business. I’m an open book and no question for me is a dumb question, so if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, fill out my contact form below! 

Interested in A Mentorship Session? Let's Chat!